Professional Experience

William H. Knull, III

William H. Knull, III

I engaged for thirty-seven years in the resolution of complex business disputes through arbitration and litigation. Many of the disputes involved transnational disputes in industries such as oil and gas, telecommunications, information technology, power, manufacturing, trade, and investment. The disputes raised a broad range of issues, including interpretation and operation of standardized and sui generis agreements; corporate governance; performance issues involving drilling and oil field operations, supply and transportation, information technology services; remedies issues such as reserve estimation and valuation, contract termination, and accounting for risk and uncertainty; and complex procedural issues, including arbitral jurisdiction, choice of law, multiplicity of parties and proceedings, interim and injunctive relief, and information exchange.

I acted as lead counsel and counsel in all varieties of complex corporate, commercial and financial litigation in state and federal courts in the United States and in international and domestic arbitration. As such, I have extensive experience in commercial and investor/state disputes on behalf of private and governmental entities involving transnational investment, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, corporate and securities fraud, accounting malpractice, lending practices, automotive products and franchising matters, and litigation and investigation of problems of corporate management and governance, fiduciary obligations and employee fraud.

My arbitration experience involved matters under the auspices of the ICC, AAA/ICDR, ICSID and NASD, and ad hoc proceedings pursuant to the UNCITRAL Rules, involving international disputes arising from transactions and investments in Latin America and the Carribean, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Former Soviet Union and China.

In my experience as sole arbitrator, panel member and tribunal chair, I have drawn on my experience as an advocate in both U.S. litigation and international arbitration in pursuing the objectives of prompt, fair and efficient resolution of complex disputes between parties with often deeply conflicting objectives, perspectives on the facts and law and cultural and legal traditions. This experience provides a wealth of resources on which to draw in working constructively with counsel and my fellow arbitrators to craft the procedures optimal for individual cases that is one of the important hallmarks of international arbitration.  I take particular pride in collaborating with my fellow arbitrators and in crafting awards that clearly and succinctly articulate the reasons for the conclusions reached.